Våpensmia is a fine mechanical manufacturing company with a CNC based production. Our business concept is development, production and sale of weaponry and opthical sights for defence and law enforcement. We are AQAP 2110 Ed D certified.


Our mission is to develop, produce and deliver high quality products and provide good customer service.

Company history

With over forty years of experience producing optical reflex sights, weapons and weapon systems, Vapensmia AS continues its expansion. Vapensmia AS was established October 20th 1976 by Svein Furuseth and Ole Jorgen Klaseie. The company have eighteen employees.

Vapensmia AS is located in a small town called Dokka, at the north end of the fjord called Randsfjorden. Dokka is about 140 km northwest of Oslo.

Initially Vapensmia AS started its business repairing guns used in sport shooting events in Norway, and later Vapensmia AS developed different products for the gunners. Already in 1977 Vapensmia AS started the first production of biathlon rifles, caliber. 22LR based on the Carl Walther receiver, as well as the production of laminated stocks for Krag and Mauser rifles. Throughout the years, a variety of weapons and different equipment for sports shooting have been produced.

Today Vapensmia AS manufactures barrels for Sauer 200 STR and is one of the main manufactures of these products. Vapensmia AS manufactures rifles used at the firing rang, and biathlon for younger shooters.

Vapensmia AS have been a sales agent for the leading producer of shooting wear, Kurt Thune, Finland for nearly 30 years.
Ammunition with brand name Odin, used for training and hunting is produced for Vapensmia AS in Sweden.
Vapensmia AS has become a main producer and supplier of defence material and defence components.